The suggestion of taking my final exam before I graduate came up in conversation with a professor at my local college. He advised me that this would only work if I have to, since the whole process of sitting for my final will take much longer than one semester. So then I went back to my computer and set about looking for an answer.

I found out that there are online universities that offer such courses. I learned that this is a bit more difficult than simply reading a book on a subject. There are chapters, examples, and course outlines and it's certainly a bit different than simply learning from a book.

With some patience and perseverance, I was able to take my final. I was actually one of the lucky ones in that I only had to sit for one month. The university I work for offers a curriculum that I am required to follow during this period. After that, it's just a matter of passing the final exam that I have to take before I graduate.

As an academic advisor to a few students who took their exams online, I learned that there are several problems with these programs. In most cases, the student is not informed of the basic risks of what happens when you don't follow the correct procedures.

One of the common problems is that there is no clear distinction between the two schools or colleges. Some of the universities offering the courses may be different or even the same schools that I am familiar with. Also, since the students may have only recently started studying for the exams, they are more apt to do things that are wrong than a person who has been studying for a long time.

Another major reason is that the students tend to take shortcuts that a university would avoid. They tend to study for the exams before they've completed other areas of studies, such as college courses related to the topic they are studying.

Some of the problems I ran into were with the way the exams are graded. Since the students are required to take multiple exams throughout the semester, and they are graded individually, a student can really mess up a section.

Sometimes, the same students who think they know how to do their final are not allowed to take it if they try to do it the traditional way. Some of the students have said that they would never take an exam if they knew it was going to be graded this way.

A third reason is that there is no guarantee that the courses that are being taught are going to be the same way at all times or that there are going to be different course outlines at all times. The universities may claim that they will work together with each of the institutions that are offering the courses, but when students find out that it will not be like this, it really makes them lose hope.

Also, some of the students are going to discover after the fact that the semester was only a semester in length. Then, there is no real way to catch up or to give the students enough extra time to do what they have set out to do.

Finally, there are many students who say that they do not know if they are going to be able to make it through without taking another semester before they take the next step. I once heard of a student who said he had passed his second semester before he took the final exam.

If you are taking your final exam before you graduate, you should be aware of all of the problems that are associated with taking exams online in general. It can be a lot more difficult than you may think.

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