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The professor of my final exam looked at me and said, "A score of 300 would get you into your preferred college." He seemed disappointed. It's no secret that the cost of college can be very expensive, particularly for recent high school graduates with relatively low GPAs and SAT scores.

So I asked myself, "Why does my professor have such a dim view of my ability to pay someone to do my final exam?" The answer, which I did not see coming, is that I had a professor who was genuinely well educated. Most professors don't really care much about test scores.

As I read from their books, the professors all know that the professors who make a lot of money are the ones with the highest grades. They also know that the professor who makes the least money is the one with the lowest grades. Some professors tell their students that they will have good careers if they will ace their exams.

To prevent the dean of my school from calling me and asking me why I was failing my final exam, I told myself that I would pay someone to do my final exam. Since this might seem insane, let me explain what I mean by "paying someone to do my examination of the university." The idea is that the person doing my examination of the university would look at my academic record and then recommend that college would be best for me.

For example, let's say that I am a college student who is trying to figure out whether or not to go to the University of California, Berkeley. My grades in the mathematics class I took in the fall would be used as evidence to determine my "future worthiness" based on their information.

Now, I am an outgoing college student who loves basketball. Therefore, I am one of the good students in my class. If I go to Berkeley, my grades will be a consideration in determining whether or not I get into the UC.

In this case, the college counselor will base my future worthiness on the fact that I am an outgoing college student and therefore, will likely have a great future in the sciences. The future of science majors in Berkeley would be very good because there are many chances for graduate students to work in research labs.

In fact, there are several schools that offer what is called the "Platinum Student option" that gives their students an actual grade point average to base their scholarships on. Students also get their grades for their first two years of college listed on their college applications. This is great because most college students won't need this anyway.

This all seems great, but if I didn't already have my financial aid officer on speed dial, I would hate to have to do my final exam for me. I would just end up missing my chance. In fact, if the college will not allow a student to do their examination of university, it is best to ask the college counselor about a different type of financial aid.

Once again, the choice for choosing a better college may be up to the student. There are scholarships and loans available for those who want to do their examinations of the university without the help of a college financial aid counselor. However, the choice is up to the student.

I now believe that I can pay someone to do my final exam of university for me. I can pay someone to do my examination of university because I am intelligent enough to make an intelligent decision. It might be tempting to ignore the next question of my professor and just accept the grade I am given, but I can have the satisfaction of knowing that it wasn't me who failed the course.

I am not going to quit my job just to take the final exam. That would be a major mistake on my part. But, I think that if I had the option to pay someone to do my examination of university, I would gladly accept their proposal.

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