The next time you have a gap year, try your hand at preparing for your TOEFL or IELTS exams by making my mock exam tests. The bottom line is that the results of your test will play a huge role in your future: they determine if you will be admitted to a college, if you will be able to qualify for that college and if you will even be eligible to graduate from high school.

Examination is what separates the students from the incompetent. When an applicant passes his or her TOEFL or IELTS examination he or she will be accepted in a certain college. Thus, it's not worth testing your eyes to learn that the person applying for that college passed his or her examination because then you will get no one to show you.

Fortunately, colleges now offer the privilege of choosing whether to include all first-time applicants for admission to their university on their own entrance examinations. The job of the admissions officer is to make sure that each of them will pass the entrance examination. That means that the college has to put its best efforts into helping them and this can only be done by helping them prepare properly.

Of course, this is not a good enough answer for those who want to help their college's admission. After all, preparation is the very purpose of making my mock exam tests and you'll never see a college, after all, that would want to lessen the responsibility of providing the chance of every applicant to get into the college.

If this sounds too complicated to understand, it is only because many people think about college as the final destination of their lives and it would be a pity if they'd end up being kicked out of it before that. Besides, that college doesn't exist and no one can guarantee that it will exist in the future. It all depends on how hard you work.

However, I will say that you do need to do your best and you will need to have a good job and enough funds to go and study at a prestigious college. But if you do not have these two things, you can still prepare yourself and it would not cost you much.

Of course, this is not to suggest that you should be afraid of going to college. You should, of course, take your studies seriously and always believe that if you can study well enough, you can pass your TOEFL or IELTS examination.

Of course, you can always take a look at your family and friends and see if they have achieved the success that you are looking for. You can go back to your childhood and watch yourself in front of the television. Look at the best movies in which you can imitate the actor in front of you and try to find out who could be your hero.

This will probably amuse your kid and he or she might be inspired to follow your example and become a really good actor. Indeed, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, isn't it?

Of course, you should make your own decision on this matter. You must not be ashamed of following your dreams and you will surely feel more confident once you have finally achieved this goal.

If this is a bit too difficult for you, you can always ask for a recommendation from your friends and family members and if you still think that your own efforts will not be enough, you can use the services of some private tutors and try to keep on going until you make your own my exam mock test. In any case, you must make sure that you have done your research and that you have chosen the appropriate school and that you are ready to face the examination.

Remember that the exam is the last hurdle before your entrance into college. Do not let it get away from you.

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