You're at your desk getting ready for your final examination when you hear a knock on the door and you feel a little bit panicked and then you hear the familiar voice of SQA supervisor. You walk over to the door and see a nurse asking for an exam supervisor.

"Excuse me, are you the reading supervisor that just knocked on my door?" you ask.

"Yes I am and I need to speak with the student and ask them if they would be willing to do a reading written assignment on behalf of the student," says the nurse. "I'm afraid I can't write the exam myself as I don't have a textbook or anything."

You had hoped that you could get your test paper back to the university. You couldn't even think about sending your exam paper back because you know how important it is for the university.

So your student came to your home in a panic and asked if you would be willing to pay someone to do his final exam for him. Would you?

You looked at him and said that you couldn't because that would be an admission of guilt and you'd rather take care of this yourself. The student actually looked a little bit horrified and asked if you really would rather do it all yourself and he wouldn't pay for it.

You knew that this would be a long and complicated process that would involve the original class grade as well as the new test paper you had written. You didn't want to risk your student failing his final exam and getting dropped from the course.

You also knew that the student and his family were in quite a bind financially. You told him that you would write his final examination and help him move on with his life but you needed to make sure that the student wrote his final paper on his own.

The student sat down and wrote his exam paper on his own. He has never done anything like this before but you knew that you had to at least get some money back for your time.

So the student went back to the university and you were able to give him his final examination. The student did come back and he got his degree in the course and is very proud of himself for a job well done.

His parents are now saying they will do it all over again because they knew that the student was so dedicated to getting his degree. You told him that your job had been to help the student and not worry about any of the tuition fees.

It is the most important part of having a degree. If you want to be respected as a university grad then you need to show that you understand what it means to get a degree and you have to be willing to help other students like that.

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